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Professional development has been a key part of the Global Learning program at Wichita State University. To that end, a combination of annual conferences, symposia, workshops and were organized. A total of 67 professional development events were held during the period from 2002 to 2016. The total attendance for these events was 5,639 faculty, students, teachers, administrators and global business leaders. Nineteen of these events were held at WSU. Seven were for-credit courses or parts of graduate programs. Twleve were held in Wichita. Two were presentations to administrators in Wichita Public Schools. Two events were for other institutions in Kansas. Six workshops were conducted nationally; one at the MIT Media Laboratory. Twelve events were conducted at universities outside the United States during visits. Several were conducted using videoconferencing technology. A total of 48 international and 10 interstate visiting faculty and business leaders were brought to Wichita to provide input to the Global Learning program. Workshops using our Simulator were conducted and refined based on feedback from participants in India, Mexico, Australia, Russia and Japan. During ICCC5, which was held in Wichita during May 2008, Seven workshops and a World Café were conducted for the 139 delegates. Two years later, more workshops and another World Cafe were conducted at ICCC7 in Khabarovsk, in Far East Russia, during September 2010. A for-credit class was developed in 2012 for the Elliott School of Education: Global Intercultural Communication: Practicum, which has given WSU students experience interacting via the Internet with their counterparts in Berlin, Germany; Krasnoyarsk, Russia; and Tokyo, Japan. This course was trialled within Global Business Leadership Masters program and received favorable student feedback. Collaborative anniversary banquets have been held since 2004 with speakers invited from the United Nations, giving audiences perspectives on the many functions of the UN.


2016 - October UN 71st Anniversary presentation at WSU Political Science by Jean Viktor Nkolo [78]

       - September Human Dignity & Humiliation Studies Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia [37]


2015 - October UN 70th Anniversary presentation at WSU Political Science by Matthais Klettermayer [83]


2014 - October UN 69th Anniversary presentation by Alex Taukatch [103]


2013 - October UN 68th Anniversary presentation by Abraham Joseph [108]

       - September Workshop at Academy of Sciences in Beijing China [26]


2012 - October UN 67th Anniversary presentation by Antoine deJong [98]


2011 - October UN 66th Anniversary presentation by Dena Gudaitus [127]

2010 - October Invited Workshop - International Conference on Innovative Industry Innovative Education, Khabarovsk,

         Russian Federation (40)

       - October UN 65th Anniversary presentation by Liv Tigerstedt, organized by Mara Alagic [115]
       - September ICCC7 Workshops and Conference, Khabarovsk, Russian Federation (140) 

       - March Invited Workshops on Cage Painting, Third Place Learning, Relational Criteria and TPL Analysis with Mara Alagic

         Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan - [27] 

– November Presentation on 3 weeks in Siberia (55)
       – October UN 64th Anniversary presentation - Ari Gaitanis (145) 
       – September WSU & School District High School Mandarin – Drs. Liang Weili and Gao Wangshang (30)       

       – August Academy of Management - Chicago Third Place Learning and CP Simulator by Mara Algic (45) 
       – August Southwestern College Third Place Learning with Mara Alagic (62)

       — June Workshop at ICELW – Columbia University NYC Third Place Learning and CP Simulator with Mara Alagic (12)
       – Summer WSU CI 750I (Mara Alagic) Intercultural Communication Competence Development with students in Russia (11)

2008 – February Wichita Public Schools Global Literacy Panel [207] 
       – April AERA – NYC CPS Authoring [5] 
       – May ICCC5 Workshops & Conference - Wichita ICCC, GL & CPS Scenario Authoring [139] 
       – Summer WSU CI 750 I Intercultural Communication Competence Development with links to Russia [9] 
       – October Wichita Public Schools Globalization and the 21st Century Graduate [198] 
       – October Wichita UN 63rd Anniversary presentation by Donald Lee (108) 
       – November SIETAR – Nagano Japan CPS Scenario Authoring & Third Place Learning (24)
       - November Far East Global Learning Center - Khabarovsk CPS Scenario Authoring & Third Place Learning (423)

2007 – October UN 62nd Anniversary presentation by Kathleen Abdalla (127) 
       – Summer WSU CI 750I Intercultural Communication Competence Development with mentors in Germany, Japan, Qatar &               Russian Federation (12)

       – April WSU Global Communication Technologies and Race Riots in France in November 2005 Dr. Anelia Dimitrova (73)

       – January Banff International Research Station, Canada Workshop on CPS (27) 
       – January ICCC5 Monterrey Tec, Mexico CPS scenario authoring (31) 

2006 – February University of Melbourne via Videoconference Global Learning (79) 
       – March Wichita Global Trivia – Central Asia (73) 
       – April - Wichita Global Challenges II 22 Fulbright Fellows from 17 countries Symposium on Educating

          the Global Citizen (167)
       – June Wichita Global Learning - Dr. Janie Fung, Australia (12)
       – Summer WSU CI 750I Intercultural Communication Competence Development with links to Russia (5)
       – Site-based Masters Northwest High School GL with students in Khabarovsk, Russia 21 Attendees
       – October ICCC3 Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad, India CPS scenario authoring and ICCC (40) 
       – October UN presentation by Brian Vitunic (117) 
       – December Wichita Global Environmental Issues – Dr. Alison Specht - Australia (11)


2005 – November Khabarovsk, Russia Global Learning and Intercultural Com (412)
       – November WSU GL Conference IV Keynotes: Patrick Sciarratta - Friendship Ambassadors - NYC; Andy
          Sheppard, Provost -Southwestern College; Bob Waner, Spirit Aerosystems (139)

       – October UN Anniversity presentation by Nancee Oku-Bright (124)

         – July WSU GL Presentation – Dr. Meg O’Reilly - Australia (17)

        – Summer CI750I Summer School Workshop Global Learning [4]
        – June University of Melbourne GL (62) 
        – June University of Canberra GL (14) 
        – June University of Wollongong GL (27) 
        – June Southern Cross University GL (33)
       - April Wichita Global Challenges I with 14 Fulbright Fellows from 9 countries (112)

        – March Wichita Africa – Trivia Night 60 Attendees
        – March Hutchinson Community College KAFSA – Keynote 91

        - February Fairleigh Dickinson University Global Learning for Faculty, Administrators & IT Staff 93 Attendees
        – February MIT Media Lab GL 13 Attendees

2004 - November WSU GL Conference III Keynotes: President Michael Adams, NJ; Ron Engelbrecht, Vice President of
         Engenio Information Technologies; Bob Waner VP – Boeing, Wichita (175)
       - August WSU Online Role-Play Simulation – Roni Linser Australia (16) 

       – May WSU Global Issues in Agricultural Ecology – Dr. David Smith, University of Melbourne, Australia (24)
       - Spring WSU – FREE Series: Aspects of Global Learning – 48 sessions – (624) 

2003 - November WSU Global Learning Conference II Keynotes: Dr. Michelle Selinger, CISCO, UK; Dr. Paul Gruba,

         University of Melbourne, Australia; Dr. Robert Ballard, JASON Project; Bob Waner- VP Boeing, Wichita (137)
        - June Albuquerque – SITE Symposium Introduction to Global Learning (80)

2002 - November WSU Global Learning Conference I
          Keynotes: Anna Anderson, Intrust Bank; Steve Mercer VP Boeing Leadership Center; Bob Waner, Boeing Wichita (112) 


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