Global Learning is less about gaining knowledge and more about developing empathy and multiple perspectives through experiential learning. Rather than avoiding disorientation, we seek it as a signal that we need more Global Learning to improve. We provide consulting on course integration, workshops and conferences.



We have conducted workshops on how to incorporate Global Learning into existing courses in collaboration with faculty in other parts of the world. Our workshops have been conducted in Graz, Austria; Monterrey, Mexico; Ahmedabad and Bangalore, India; Nagano and Tokyo, Japan; Khabarovsk, Russia; and to international audiences in New York, Chicago and Wichita.


The workshops deal with topics such as communication technologies, intercultural learning, thirdplacelearning, global mindset, active listening, dialectic thinking, bodymindfulness, intercultural sensitivity, critical co-reflection and conscientization...




Since 2002, Global Learning has been integrated into classes in Women's Studies, Political Science, Mechanical Engineering, Violin, International Business, Educational Leadership, Special Education, and Mathematics for Elementary School, with connections to Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Palestine,...


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