Global Learning is the combination of Global Reach using modern communication technologies, and Global Perspectives arising from dialogic co-construction of meaning, to educate the future Global Graduate and Global Citizen.


Over time, investigations of the term "global learning" using Google uncovered a multitude of meanings, although many fell under one of the three categories: gathering global intelligence, raising awareness of global environmental issues and education that prepares students to collaborate on global issues.


The third meaning has become increasingly important in private industry and all levels of education. The Global Learning program at Wichita State University (WSU) has been more closely aligned with the third meaning--the preparation of future global graduates...


Dr. Glyn Rimmington

Distinguished Professor of Global Learning

Wichita State University

Office: (316) 978-6140 Cell: (316) 768-9952

Email: glyn.rimmington@wichita.edu

Skype: glyn.rimmington

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